About US

yesaway Car Rental (yesaway) is the first multinational rental chain brand in the world that provides 24-hour Chinese service. Yesaway focuses on providing professional and efficient self-driving travel solutions for overseas users.

Vision:Bring the world to you.
Mission:Create a more enjoyable travel experience.
Core Values:Customer Oriented / Perfect and Adapt / Always Better

Yesaway Timeline

· 2016-2017, yesaway has been recognized as the "international chain of hire car brand that is most affected by China traveler" for two consecutive years.

· In 2017, yesaway launch ZHIMA credit rent-a-car service for the first time outside China.

· In 2018, yesaway is committed to providing users with better global travel and establishing its own channel yesaway.com to allow more customers to experience overseas self-driving travel and lifestyle.